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Every major car accident case should be evaluated to determine if something about the vehicle contributed to a catastrophic injury or death.

Vehicle Fires:
More than 375,000 vehicle fires cause countless burn injuries and deaths every year.
Fires can be the result of a defective fuel system or a poorly designed fuel system.


Since the first Firestone/Ford Motor Company recall of 6.5 million Wilderness AT tires
on August 9th of 2000, there have been countless more new stories about wrecks caused by defective tires - and it isn't just from one manufacturer. Defective tires from many different companies cause wrecks resulting in injury or death daily.

Tires can fail, causing a wreck, from defects or simply because of its age, even if the tire has good tread or looks new. Many consumers are unaware of the dangers of aged tires.

Vehicle Rollover/Roof Crush:
More than 10,000 deaths occur each year because of rollovers with a resulting roof crush. Many manufacturers still have not installed ESC (Electronic Stability Control) in their vehicles which would prevent most rollovers.

In addition, there are devastating injuries from failed Restraint Systems (the three-point seat belt) and Defective Child Restraints.

Also, occupants are often ejected because of the failure of Door Latches and vehicles which are not manufactured with laminated safety glass on side windows.

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Rollovers:
These ATV’s are promoted, advertised, manufactured and sold to be used and driven on all sorts of terrain, however, many still have unsafe and dangerous designs which can lead to rollovers and devastating injuries. The problems with many ATVs include the lack of a seat belt, the high center of gravity, and the small size of the tires, which can allow the ATV to roll over even on flat surfaces.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a wreck or ATV accident or rollover, you should seek the advice of an attorney that is recognized for his experience and expertise in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Contact us today to speak with a Board Certified Specialist. We want to help you.


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