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The most common type of accident in Texas, as well as the rest of the nation, are automobile and trucking accidents. Serious and permanent injuries occur all too often and affect the neck, back, brain, spinal cord, vital organs and other parts of your body.

Commercial trucking and 18-wheeler accidents cause more than 30,000 deaths and 300,000 injuries every year. Most trucking accidents are caused by negligent drivers, but these major damage wrecks are also caused by defects in the commercial vehicle, unqualified or fatigued drivers, and faulty equipment and maintenance. Commercial companies must be held accountable for the harm and tragedy caused by them and their drivers.

The Board Certified attorneys at Patton, Nix & Young have resolved countless cases involving car, pickup, motorcycle, 18-wheeler, and commercial trucking claims. We help accident victims get their lives back on track. A prompt and thorough investigation into your accident is important and helps promote full compensation for you. Our experienced attorneys will provide the services needed to accomplish this goal.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a wreck or accident, you should seek the advice of an attorney that is recognized for his experience and expertise in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Contact us today to speak with a Board Certified Specialist. We want to help you.


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